Long Arm Quilting Service

Quilt Your Own

Some quilters love piecing, other quilters love quilting, and even others love all aspects of the quilting process, cutting, piecing and quilting.  If you want to have the enjoyment of quilting your own, but find quilting on your home machine is to difficult, renting time on a longarm machine is the answer.  We have a Gammill Classic which will give you the opportunity to complete your quilt by quilting it yourself.

All new renters are required to take a 3 hour lesson.  Yon will learn how to load a quilt, and follow a pantograph.  After finishing the lesson you will be confident to begin quilting your own quilts.

Class price is £75

On your quilting day, arrive on time and ready to start quilting.  Quilts cannot be left on the frame overnight or until another day.  If you do not have enough time to complete the quilt, another session can be booked.  We can estimate the amount of time needed to quilt your project.

Longarm machines run best with high quality threads designed for machine quilting.  We have a large selection of threads that you may choose from, that we know work well with our machine.

Hourly rental is £30 per hour

A rough guide for a single sized quilt is 3 – 4 hours.

Time is calculated from the time you arrive to load the quilt until the quilt is off the frame.

Contact Libby to book, email with a few suitable dates –  BeeQuiltedWarwick@gmail.com, or message on 07880730754