Long Arm Quilting Service

Long Arm Quilting

What is Long Arm Quilting?

Long Arm Quilting is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt wadding and quilt backing into a finished quilt.

long-arm-quilting-machineTips for getting the best from your Long Arm Quilter

Trim all loose threads from your top.

Please join backing ready & remove selvedge from the seam allowance.

Make sure that the backing and wadding are both 4 inches larger all around.

If there is a right way up please pin a piece of paper at the top edge.

Do not sandwich your quilt together.


Measure Quilt – Check Backing and Wadding are at least 4 inches larger on each side

Make sure the quilt top is nice and flat. Any extra fullness in the borders or in the body of the quilt cannot be quilted out so small tucks have to be made to take up the surplus fabric

Trim all loose threads. This is particularly important when you have a light coloured top as dark threads left on the underside can show through lighter fabrics.

NO EMBLESHMENTS eg Buttons and beads as they may cause needles to break and this can result in tears in the fabric. (You can of course add beads and buttons after the quilt has been quilted.)

Make sure the ends of the seams are secure (if there are a lot of seams coming to the edge of the backing, it is a good idea to stay-stitch all round the quilt)

Do not Sandwich your quilt together together as we load each layer separately onto rollers

Backing Please join backing ready and remove selvedge from the seam allowance and iron

If applicable, place a safety pin with a ‘Top’ label at the centre of the edge you want to be the top.

Binding If you are using our binding service, please join the binding and press in half, making sure you have sufficient fabric


We provide all threads which are recommended for our machine.

You can choose from either plain or variegated colours of which we have a large selection (If we don’t not have the colour choice required, it will take up to 6 weeks for delivery)


Pantograph designs

A pantograph is a long design that spans the length of the long arm table.  The long arm quilter will place the pantograph design and place it beneath a plastic layer on the table and then trace this design using the laser found on the their machine head.  The design spans the length of the quilt and is repeated in rows to produce an over all design on the quilt top.

We have a large number of patterns which you can choose from. If you have a special request we will try to obtain this pattern for you.

If you are using our binding service please supply sufficient fabric, cut & pressed ready to attach.

Why use a Long Arm Quilting Service?

It is quicker and easier than using a domestic sewing machine.

Why use Bee Quilted?

We are friendly, professional, experienced and willing to help.


Posting your quilt top please make sure you have it fully insured.

We will return by post also fully insured.  Please send to Libby in Royal Leamington Spa